The TXP Range

OSET TXP Say Gday 2024

Bike Info:

The new products will initially be available from December in the UK and US markets only, where OSET supplies directly to the dealer network.  Supply of products to other markets will commence during the first half of 2024 as we build the capacity in our supply chain to fulfil demand.  We will make press announcements in each country as the products become available.


Arriving in AUSTRALIA mid-2024

The all-new TXP-20 & TXP-24 are game changers.

Featuring ground up re-designs, addressing every component, we have left nothing out in our desire to produce the very best ride. The brushless drive trains deliver more power, whilst simultaneously being much smoother and intuitive. Greater capacity in our batteries and higher efficiency result in increased run-time, allowing for longer rides.

The chassis' are lighter, with improved geometry. The weight of the motors has been shifted to the main chassis, for a much lighter feel and vastly reduced un-sprung weight. Their full-length air forks and beefy rear air shocks are adjustable in seconds. Even the tyres are all new custom OSET units that make a really big difference.

No stone has been left un-turned!



November 2023 - OSET Bikes has launched its new TXP range in UK & USA Markets ONLY for 2023, heralding the next generation in electric off-road motorcycles.  Representing Trials, Xplore and Play, the all-new TXP models offer a significant advance in battery and motor technology. The TXP bikes will also dramatically change existing off-road convention by including two seat options.  Convertible, trials and explore seat configurations will enable riders to develop skills across different riding environments, with just one bike.

The traditional trials frame, designed to be ridden while standing on the pegs, creates the perfect machine for trials skills development and competition.  The integration of an entirely new seat unit provides the option to change up the bike in under five minutes to a seated riding style more familiar to the wider motorcycling community.

Available in 20 and 24 sizes, the bikes are a complete, ground-up redesign over the existing models.  Every element of the TXP range has been developed to deliver dirt bikes that are class-leading.  Riders can invest in a bike that suits absolute beginners through to world-class trials competitors.  The bikes transform from competition trials machines into traditional style dirt bikes with a seat, designed to be enjoyed recreationally whilst playing and practicing skills with friends. 

OSET TXP bikes deliver ultimate flexibility with controls that can be set to suit any level of ability and chassis setup options to meet the needs of an individual’s riding preference, while maintaining the highest standards of safety. Key improvements across the range include:

  • Dual seat option offers a choice of bike configurations, extending the appeal and delivering a bike that suits a wider range of riding environments.
  • Double the power and increased torque provided by the all-new brushless motor.
  • Intuitive and ultra-smooth power delivery from bespoke motor controller and software strategy.
  • Latest technology lithium battery in a sealed unit provides up to 4 hours runtime in normal use and rapid recharge times from only 90 minutes to 90%.
  • All-new optimised chassis with fully adjustable air suspension enables rapid personalisation for a range of riding abilities and sizes.
  • Fully adjustable with parent lock to control speed, power and response settings makes the perfect, safe beginner bike through to competition-capable machines.

The drive system is more powerful and smoother.  Featuring an all-new, brushless drive system, the bike delivers twice as much power over the championship winning machine it replaces. Lithium battery capacity has also increased and completes a much more efficient system.  Improved geometry and fully adjustable air suspension (front and rear) delivers a better all-round feel and all-new OSET tyres help deliver more essential grip when competing.

A new keypad control centre, which includes a parental lock function, offers easy, push-button adjustability of speed, power and throttle response limits, putting safety of young riders at the heart of the bike’s technology. At the lowest settings, the bike will move at walking pace, to safeguard novice riders, stepping on the bikes for the first time to ensure they feel in full control, as they develop new riding skills.

For more experienced riders, with the limits dialled up, the bikes transform into high-power, competition winning machines, all in the setting of a few dials.

Ian Smith, founder and CEO of OSET Bikes, said: “You cannot underestimate the work that has gone into these bikes. We have analysed every single component to ensure we reach the highest standards of excellence possible with today’s technology.  From frame to forks and battery to brakes we have researched and developed every inch of the bikes and are delighted to announce what really is a new generation in electric, off-road bikes.

“OSET Bikes is all about getting kids on motorcycles and having fun, whether they choose to compete in trials, to explore or simply to play.  We understand that a traditional trials bike without a seat can feel like an alien concept, so we offer two entry points.  The same bike will suit a back garden rider or a person competing at the highest level of trials competition.  Simply dial it up or down and change the seat or trials unit to suit ability and adventure.”

The TXP-20 is aimed primarily at children aged seven to nine and offers an increase in battery capacity over its former model.  New and improved magnetic lanyard, combined with an impact rubber chin protector and new, ball-ended brake levers ensure this bike is competition ready out of the box.  A bike that sits happily in the boot of the car, gives parents the opportunity to transform it from a competition winning trials bike to a seated bike in minutes.

The TXP-24 is aimed at pre-teens, teens, and adults.  Every element of this bike has been improved over the old model, from 50% more battery capacity, to double the power, to better handling and improved air suspension. In competition terms, the bike is capable of usurping the petrol 80cc equivalent trials bikes – the same as the original 20” OSET bike did in the 50cc class.

Ian finished: “Ten years ago we were responsible for dominating the British Youth Championship, resulting in combustion bikes simply disappearing from 50cc class youth competition. The TXP models take that heritage and delivers a complete game changer again!  The writing is on the wall…and it says OSET!”

Both the TXP-20 and TXP-24 will be on show at the NEC’s Motorcycle Live 18 – 26 November and there will be an opportunity to have-a-go for free in Hall 4.

Bikes will be available from mid-December in the UK via OSET’s retail network and available globally from Q2 in 2024.