OSET Dynamos Club

The Dynamo's ethos is to bring OSET riders and families together, building on the community spirit that is present already among OSET owners.


Get even more out of your OSET by joining the OSET Dynamos today - completely free

Becoming a member of OSET Dynamos is completely free and is a great way for you and your little rider to get all the up to date information on events, competitions, new bikes and support.

To join please send us an email with:

Riders Name
Riders DOB
Riders Bike
Your name

Join the OSET Dynamos 

The OSET Dynamos is the first owner's club of its kind and has a strong emphasis on encouraging young riders who are new to the sport of observed trials, to take their first steps towards attending events. In the future these youngsters may perhaps think about competing locally aboard their OSET's, and perhaps in time nationally. We believe that riding an OSET at a suitable event, and sharing your day with others, is the most fun you will ever have on your OSET.

All in all we believe the OSET Dynamo's is a great way of uniting like minded children, parents and ultimately families together. To integrate people into the friendly community that is trials.

For 2019 UK OSET Dynamos will receive:

  • Welcome letter - Detailing how to make full advantage of the Dynamo membership.
  • OSET Rider Magazine
  • OSET Wristband
  • Your OSET Dynamos Membership Card.
  • OSET Dynamos Pen, Lanyards & Stickers.*


*Subject to availability, terms and conditions apply; promotional offers are subject to change.