Back Garden OSETs

Life on lockdown has seen sales continue to grow for OSET Bikes.  The electric trials bikes have proven to be a real hit, as back garden riding is all that is available to many.

The good weather has seen people dusting off their OSET, buying new parts and investing in new bikes, to help keep the boredom at bay and develop their skills on two wheels.

Home School

Ian Smith, founder of OSET Bikes, said: “It’s obvious to say, but the lack of noise makes OSET Bikes perfect for urban settings.  We are creating weekly challenges via our online Home School to help kids and adults test their skills and develop ability and confidence in the bike.

“You don’t need a lot of space and it’s something all the kids and adults can do together.  When social distancing relaxes, riders will have maintained and even improved their two-wheeled skills!

“It’s like learning to drive a car, anyone can get into fourth gear and drive in a straight line, but mirror, signal and change gear at a slow speed and it all comes a bit undone. That is what trials riding does, it gives you slow speed skills that make you a better rider no matter what two-wheeled discipline you prefer. It’s also a sport that every age and ability can enjoy participating in together.”

OSET’s existing dealers have enjoyed a good level of interest and sales, when many other motorised disciplines have seen sales suffer. The manufacturer offers a growing community of new riders, with a social media following over 65,000, and videos regularly reaching 10K plus views, the brand is well supported and brings an engaged community of fans.

Matthew Alpe from Inch Perfect Trials in Clitheroe, said: “We’ve had a real flurry of interest in the OSETs.  Kids love them, they’re great fun and you don’t need a lot of space, making them a great investment over lockdown and beyond. Customers simply need to switch on and go. They can start by setting up a figure 8 to practice full lock turns.

“They are the perfect bike for new and young riders too as you can limit the speed, power and response, meaning customers are reassured they can control the bikes easily. There are also loads of online videos and tutorials as well as ourselves at the end of the phone to ensure customers get the support they need.”

This was echoed by Nige Pearson from Trials UK in Leeds, who said: “Wealways have a full stock of bikes and spares available.  Especially in lockdown, it highlights the importance of having a strong online presence that allows customers to view products and purchase easily.”

Ian added: “OSET offers dealers a strong life-time value with their customers.

As kids grow through the range there’s the opportunity to sell that family three or four OSET Bikes, new parts and after-market accessories. Not only that, our bikes instil a love of two-wheeled sport at a young age, before they move to larger machines.

“Once we’re out of lockdown, we look forward to welcoming new and old riders to our OSET Cup events that run right across the UK.”

Any dealers interested in working with OSET should email