Do you have an MX10 or 12.5R OSET?

Here at OSET UK, we are really excited to introduce to you EXGB a new concept in electric bike racing aimed predominantly at the kids' market but stretching up to adults. The aim is to create what is in effect a new sport which is solely electric with the emphasis on fun with some healthy competition. This all fits in with the OSET motto of 'Taking fun seriously'. It is not Motocross it is Electric Cross and as such it is much more affordable and suitable for young families. OSET BIKES are pleased that EXGB have included classes for our MX10 and 12.5R as we have plenty out there in the great outdoors. You do not need to be into Motocross or Trials to get involved and EXGB welcome entries from anyone who owns an OSET. Please read on below for more details and a link to get your entries in.

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The first-ever EXGB Electric Off-Road Bike Race event is set to take place at the indoor Wheeldon Off-Road Centre in Devon on the 12th and 13th November.

EXGB is a sister organization to Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club, which has successfully been running Electric Balance Bike Racing in the UK, which will now also come under the EXGB banner.

All EXGB events will be run exclusively for Electric Off-Road bikes and will encompass Indoor, Outdoor, Cross Country and Flat Track events, all catered specifically for this type of bike and accessible and enjoyable for riders from 3 years of age upwards.

Joining the Electric Balance Bikes will be Mini-E and Auto-E classes for kids, and adult classes for EMX Bikes.

The November Wheeldon event will be the first round of a three-part British Indoor Championship for the Mini-E, Auto E and Adult classes before the series moves outdoors for its four-round EXGP championship.

EXGB event director Paul Oughton said ahead of entries being open for the first event at Wheeldon, “We are really excited to where EXGB will take us. Running balance bike and Electric ride days opened our eyes to the accessibility and affordability of Electric bikes for kids in the UK, whilst also understanding that these events and the bikes have different requirements to other off-road meetings. We are looking forward to introducing a whole new audience to off-road racing, and we are super excited about the possibilities ahead for this new sport in the UK. Introducing the Adults has been on the cards for a while and bridges the gap between the Kids and Adult classes. Going forward, our aim will be to have a full path of progression within EXGB from an Electric Balance Bike all the way through to the Adult British Championship.”

On the OSET BIKES front there are classes to suit the MX10 and 12.5R.

Mini E – 4 to 7 years of age – Max output 1600w – For bikes like the Oset MX-10

12.5 Class - 3-4 years and 5-6 years old dependent on number of entries.

12.5 One

Please use the following link to enter-