OSET CUPS across the country have once again proved to be a strong base for getting children involved in motorcycle sport. However, it is not all about the sport, but the friendships formed between families and children that will last a lifetime. All the kids are cheered on and supported by all the families involved. The atmosphere at all the events is so family friendly with Dad's becoming mechanics for everybody's kids, bikes being loaned from one family to another to enable somebody else's child to finish an event. We just love it!!!

Best mates

ALISDAIR POLLOCK AND ARTHUR ADAMS (arms on shoulders) only met earlier this year and they are now 'Best mates' one from Scotland and the other from Lancashire. This is a theme mirrored across all the OSET CUPS!!

Families muck in with helping to run events and encourage the children to help out where they can pick up flags and section tape. All the children learn important social skills and always thank the observers and organizers at each event. We are now into our 11th year of OSET CUPS, and they are still growing. Below is a post from one of our OSET Mum's Victoria Clegg:

Clegg quote

As Victoria said it is the place to be!!! Give your local OSET CUP a try and open up a world of 'Taking fun seriously'. Use the OSET BIKES 'Where to ride' feature on our website just click on this link. (Where to Ride - OSET ELECTRIC BIKES | Electric off road motorcycles for children age 3 -15 | Kids Electric Motorcycles ( here you will find details of upcoming events, clubs to join, places to practice and venues to try the bikes.

Come and join the OSET FAMILY and make some memories for you and your children!!!