OSET Activity Pack and Training Video’s

With the prospect of months of extra sofa time and boredom, the OSET crew decided to be pro-active and give both kids and adults some fun – both on and off their bikes. 

The OSET ‘Activity Pack’ is now available to download from the OSET web site here. This pack will keep the kids busy with word searches, crosswords, a quiz, colouring exercises with bikes and clothes, story writing and more!

For both kids AND adults with OSET’s, the back garden is often big enough to do some serious learning while ‘Taking Fun Seriously’. OSET’s own Oliver and Elliot Smith will be releasing a series of training and challenge video’s for those at home to follow. OSET hope that as many riders as possible hop on their bikes and take part.

With each challenge, OSET are inviting riders to send in their video’s via the OSET Facebook page. Oliver is ready to comment on customer video’s to provide personalised tips and guidance. Each challenge will be preceded by a training video. Subjects include basics such as stance on the bike, balance and tight turns, up through hopping, wheelies, stoppies, bunny-hops, front touches and – ultimately - to front wheel roll-backs! OSET hope that USA Trials Champ and stunt rider Pat Smage will be guest teacher for this technique, with Oliver as student number 1!

The advantage of OSET bikes has always been the ability to ride a lot, in small spaces, and in silence! In these difficult times there is no reason not to improve your riding at a faster pace than ever. Both Oliver and Elliot have been averaging 4 hours a day on bikes – all in the back garden!

As Malcolm Gladwell, author of ‘Outliers’ concluded ‘ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness’. To be World Class takes 20 hours a week for 10 years. At least during this time, we can all add some hours and increase our expertise in riding off road motorcycles while having fun and getting our daily exercise!

If you can’t ride your motorcycle anywhere else, then at least the back garden is still available!