OSET Bikes celebrated another stellar year of trials competition at this year’s ACU awards. The ‘Brit Awards’ of youth trials, OSET enjoyed an armful of trophies, which included two national championships.

The youngest of the OSET family, Elliot Smith took to the stage at the National Motorcycle Museum to receive his second title in two years as British C-Medium wheel champion. The youngster rode a standard OSET 24.0Jr to victory, demonstrating the machine’s capability at the highest level of competition in the UK.

Northern Ireland’s Mason Crawford won the D small wheel class after a year-long battle with the Isle of Man’s Jacob Wilson, followed by a full complement of OSET 20.0R riders. OSET Bikes continues its dominance of the class as the electric trials bike proves agility, weight, torque and responsiveness are ideal for the youngest riders.

Ian Smith, founder of OSET Bikes and dad to Elliot, said: “As a family we could not be prouder of Elliot. Double British champion at the age of 10 is a fantastic achievement. Elliot is a determined little fella, and loves riding his bike, whether in practice or at events. His best friends are on the trials circuit, so his love of the sport is what spurs him forward. What I like most about OSET’s involvement is that this love for riding motorcycles starts so early and won’t go away. Whether riders end up in trials, enduro, motocross, speedway or road racing – getting this early love of motorcycles along with the skills from an early start are good news all around.”

“We must also say a huge congratulations to Mason of course who was pushed all the way by Jacob.  Seeing so many kids riding our bikes is very humbling given we started the company in my garage! We’re looking forward to 2020 and seeing our friends in the trials community as we attend events across the UK.”

“Finally – well done to ALL the OSET riders who rode the National series in 2019. There were some great performances in both the boys’ and girls’ series, and it’s always fun to watch these riders progress. The winning riders in every single National age group were either on OSET’s or ex-OSET riders. A great achievement!”

Another great year for OSET. Roll on 2020!


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