OSET CUPS are not the only place you can ride your OSET !!! The majority of clubs up and down the country run events to suit our bikes. Some run along with the adults at Club Championship level and some run what is known as a conducted route. A conducted route allows a club to run different sections suitable for the smaller bikes at a club championship round. These routes normally have 6 sections similar to our OSET CUP EVENTS and have different levels of severity to suit all ages and wheel sizes. Running alongside a club event makes it more viable to run with smaller numbers of kids.

To find out if your club run these events or if you need to find a club to get started with please use the following link : Where to Ride - OSET ELECTRIC BIKES | Electric off road motorcycles for children age 3 -15 | Kids Electric Motorcycles (osetbikes.com) then click on the clubs tab and find the nearest club to you. Contact the club to see if they run suitable events and they will give you a list of dates.

There are hundreds of clubs, so there are plenty to choose from.