Today there are hundreds of schemes designed to try and get kids more active. But how many of them are sustainable and can measure success year on year?

OSET Electric Bikes believes kids need a passion for sport – whatever sport they choose.  In a bid to introduce more kids to motorcycles and in particular the sport of trials riding, the art of riding over obstacles without putting your feet down, they launched the first OSET Cup ten years ago.  It attracted eight kids. Fast forward a decade and 2020 will see over a dozen OSET Cups across the UK attracting upwards of 800 children.

Ian Smith, founder and CEO of OSET Bikes, said:

“The lifeblood of any sport is its youth.  Ten years ago, OSET Bikes ran its first ever OSET Cup in Yorkshire.  This year we will support events from Scotland to Cornwall, Yorkshire to Cheshire. through the Midlands and down to the South East with well over 100 individual events taking place.  The key is to make it fun, so kids want to get outside and ride their bikes. 

“Experiencing riding a motorcycle in real life is infinitely better than watching someone else do it on a screen or pressing the X-box buttons to make an avatar ride a bike through a stream!” 

Each OSET Cup is designed to suit all levels of ability.  For those completely new to the sport and looking for a fun event to ride to those who have been riding a few years and are looking for the next challenge, each event will have a course to suit every level, age and ability.

Ian added:

“The world is catching up with OSET as it turns to electric power.   Our electric motorcycles provide instant, linear power which is ideal for kids as they learn to control their machines.  The ability to turn the power, speed and response dials up and down to suit rider ability means riding a motorcycle has never been safer, or as much fun!

“And because trials is the art of control, technique and balance, you can ride your bike in the back garden using cones to set out a route, a couple of pallets and perhaps some rocks and you have your own trials course!”

Neighbours won’t be offended as electric bikes are virtually silent.

Anyone new to trials you can simply turn up on the day and the organisers of each event will help you sign on.  You will need to join the ACU (cost £12) and your local club for the year (around £15 - £20) and then you pay for each event you ride, again which will cost around £15 per event.  Every rider must wear a crash helmet, long sleeves, gloves and boots to be allowed to ride.

All details of events across the UK can be found at OSETs website, www.osetbikes.com,  and more events are being added to all the time.

Will you try something new this year?  Try trials - it’s seriously good fun!