Petrol vs Electric Motorcycles

So, it’s finally time! Your little racer has learnt all they will on their balance bike and the stabilisers were gone a week after you put them on. Now it’s time for the next level, now is the time for their first REAL motorcycle!

Not that long ago, and trying not to show my age here, this was an easy choice…. there was really only one option when moving onto a proper motorcycle and that of course was the legendary PW50. Now the PW50 is a great bike and I, like  so many others have a ton of fantastic memories racing around on that little beast and the feeling of being on a real bike for the first time was unforgettable but bikes for children have come a long way since then especially with more of the big manufacturers releasing bikes for the youth market.  

The biggest change to the market in recent years as with the automotive market in general is the surge in electric motorcycles and this is especially true with bikes for children.

Its easy to get drawn into pros and cons, smoke or silence with this and to be honest the only thing that really matters is your children having fun and being safe but we were thrilled when the bike mad Hicks Family, from Australia decided to do their own comparison and run the ultimate test of Gas vs Electric  with the battle of bikes…OSET vs PEEWEE vs TTR

Check out their video here to see the bikes put through their paces by their own little racer and get their views on which is the best choice for your little riders first REAL motorcycle.

Now if you agree, disagree or just want to get outside yourself and ride after watching that, I think one thing that we can all be certain of is getting children to go outside more, having fun and learning new skills is awesome…. however they do it and whatever they ride.