Cornwall OSET Cup 2022 Final Round

25th June 2022

(Spring/Summer Series)


Cover Star: Bowie Sinkinson


The final round of the early 2022 Cornwall OSET Cup was held at Trebarrow, Bugle on 25th June 2022.Summer is with us so as expected heavy overnight rain made the sections challenging and frequent downpours throughout the day didn't make them any easier. Surprise of the day was 9 year Simon Millmore who elected to ride the Expert Course which is normally the domain of 12-14 year olds on 125cc petrol bikes. For the Expert and Petrol Class the hardest section of the day was Section 9 where the Expert runner up on a Beta 125 lost 11 marks and Simon on his faithful Oset lost 10 marks, a great result. A similar result echoed for 10 year old Riley Holloway who was sadly the sole rider on the OSET Hard Course as his fellow competitors elected to ride petrol bikes on the same course. Riley and his OSET beat all the petrol bike riders except the winner who lost a total of 35 marks to Riley's 36 marks, another great result and well done.

P1080032 2

Finley Wilson  looking for the camera.

The 9 year old group and 6 year old group on the Medium Course are always well supported and 9 year Andrew Hancock had a great ride to lose just 48 marks with next man Jack Kilby on 56 but 6 year Josh Dustow dominated the Medium Course to post a final score of 37 and the best ride of the day on Section 8 , a series of fairly large tree roots and steep banks where  Josh lost 2,1 and 2 on the three laps where all others posted 3's or 5's except 8 year Charlie Harris who also managed a 2 on his final lap and equalled 9 yr Andrew Hancock's overall score of 48.


In the pink is Charlotte Dustow.


Expert (OSET Only)  Samula Millmore 55

Oset Hard Course Riley Holloway 36

Medium Course by age:

10 yrs Dexter Tripconey 74

9 yrs Andrew Hancock 48, Jack Kilby 56, George Smith 66, William Bloomfield 92

8 yrs Charlie Harris 48

7 yrs Charlotte Dustow 60

6 yrs Josh Dustow 37, Riley Wales 56, Charlie Riddell 66, Kyle Bateman 67

Medium Course by age:

7 yrs Cody Holloway 24, Henry Smith 56

6 yrs William Lewis 10, Jenson Daw 62, Archer Tripconey 69

4 yrs Bowie Sinkinson 86.


Championship Winners.

OSET Hard Course. Simon Millmore

Medium Course by age :

13 yrs Isabel Polkinghorne

11 yrs Luka Boehm

10 yrs Dexter Tripconey

9 yrs Jack Kilby

8 yrs Charlie Harris

7 yrs Charlotte Dustow

6 yrs Josh Dustow

Easy Course by age :

8 yrs Idris Chapman

7 yrs Cody Holloway

6 yrs William Lewis

4 yrs Bowie Sinkinson