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Well after an eventful last 18 months we finally managed to run a five round OSET CUP NORTH SERIES. It has been great for me personally to be back doing something I get a kick from. I must mention the help I have had over the year from Carl Batty and his family at every round, Scott Witting and his family and of course the Scunthorpe Club and not forgetting Lyndon Hellewell at the last round.

Thanks go out to all the landowners for the fantastic and varied venues.

Charlie Graham Schofield at Hooton Lodge
Edward Roe at Sheepwash Farm
Carl Batty and Family at Burneside
Scunthorpe Club at The Rock Store
John Wally Whitaker at Rock ‘N’ Hop

Rock ‘N’ Hop proved popular with an entry of over 40 and again more new faces which bodes well for 2022. We will lose a few again to petrol because of age but who knows that may change in the future. Championships were settled with some going down to the wire and all classes were hard fought over the year. The spread of age has become apparent for me with the youngest at 4 and the oldest still riding OSET at age 14-15. We must have the recipe right!!!! OSET CUP NORTH has seen British Championship riders once again with regular riders in our series competing at National Level. However, every rider we have counts in terms of promoting our sport. If they are just starting out or winning championships the feeling is the same, they are all stars. So here are all our stars from this year. In no particular order:
Lottie Camfield, Benjamin Guy, Rocco Watson, Sam Garlick, Sebastian Clark, Reuben Tate, Kian Hall, Edward Gospel, Eddie Thomas Miller, Lilli May Shuttleworth, Jack Farren, Alphie Shuttleworth, Jack Mason, Matthew Kendall, Bradley Entwistle, George Dixon, Thomas Shail, Eddie Cobb, Lily Perie, Cole Bartle, Daniel Pursglove, Charlie Fowler, Jacob Smith, Joshua Tate, Jake Hannon, Edward Kopasz, Frankie Carter, Tate Croft, Travis Bartle, James Clegg, Oliver Hellewell, George Hellewell, William Budden, Koby Smith, William Blackwell, Sam Lefevre, Cameron Batty, George Askham, Jude Steel, Aubrey Close, Daisy Brookes, Harry Brookes, George Scaife, Zachary Scaife, Henry Hardman, Finley Samuel, Jake Worswick, James Atkinson, Archie Cruickshanks, Alice Todd, Joe Botham, Lewis Leeming and last but not least Daniel Blackley.
54 different names over a season with people travelling from all over the country. Great families and a great atmosphere all part of the OSET ethos of “Taking Fun Seriously”
Thanks for a great year all of you from DJ Si.

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