Berko All Stars !!

Well, the 2021 real SM OSET Cup Championship has come to a resounding successful end!!!
First & foremost, we must again thank all people who have helped run this series... Without you trials just do not exist...
So, to the winners... You all prove that consistency and sticking with it, gives results...
In the E Class well done to Ruben Howling, Tommy Sturgess & Thomas Tidd.

Ruben Howling.


In the Youth Green well done to Bradley Sims, Taylor Jempson & Matthew Shepherd.

Bradley Sims

In the Youth Novice well done to Alfie Shaw, Harry Hunt & James Hunt.

Alfie Shaw

In the Youth Inter well done to Sam Lefevre.

A current World Champion and a future World Champion ?


Over the Series we have welcomed on excess of 35 OSET riders... they have all ridden their hearts out, gave it their all and in some cases come tumbling down only to get back up again!!!
Please accept that I cannot mention every child, but they were ALL STARS IN THE BERKO CLUBS EYES.
However, there were a few names that I feel show us what trials is all about...
Ruben Howling, smiler, was an outstanding example of fall down get up & get on with it... Tommy Sturgess came from little experience to consistently improve and take second place...
Alfie Shaw was injured just before the Berko Youth National but came back to stamp his authority on the Novice Class... but coming through are definitely the Hunt boys Harry & James... more riding will help sort this... Hopefully we will see some of the green route riders moving up into this class next year...
In the Youth Inter well done to Sam Lefevre.
Sam Lefevre had no competition on the Inter route, but there are few who could stay with him at this moment... BUT come on you others, use him as your target... he will help push you all on!!!
As for the Green route riders, it was our most widely contested class. Bradley Sims won all but one round, but Dexter Rowden and Taylor Jempson showed in the last round that they are ready to put up more than a good fight for that podium place!!! Matt Shepherd, Oliver Edmunds and Freya Harries are definitely improving and will be in the hunt over the next few years. It will also be interesting to see how those who have only had a few rides develop over the winter. So all of you get practicing for the 2022 SM OSET Cup and remember the golden rule... SMILE!!!
BIG THANKS to OSET for their support in this championship & having the forethought to change the face of Youth trials here in the UK!!! Finally, It was great to work with OSET on developing the rules for the SM OSET Championship and stop allowed is one of the best things as it allows the youth to gain confidence & be safe.
So Berko will see you all in 2022 for another year of OSET youth fun...