Club & Community Links

Looking for a place to ride your OSET? Struggling to find out about events and competitions running in your area? Well, here at OSET bikes we have put together a list of clubs which run off road events, some of whom have classes just for our bikes and some of whom will welcome you along to a beginners trial or training event. Why not contact them using the links below? You will also find links to useful industry websites and forums to help you along your way.

Governing Bodies

American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) (US)

Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) (International)

Auto Cycle Union (ACU) (UK)

Media Websites

On the Pegs (Formerly Trials And Enduro News)

Trials Central

Trials Magazine

Trials and Motocross News (TMX)

Trials Clubs - Clubs running specific events tailored to childrens electric bikes.

Check the Events page for more information on dates etc.

North American Motorcycle Trials Clubs (Links for US Moto-trials clubs)

Yeadon & Guisely Motorcycle Club (UK)

 Home of the OSET Cup! A 6 round series spanning the summer months with courses designed to suit the electric powered OSET!

Worthing Trials Club (UK)

A well established club in the South of England running events throughout the year for a wide range of abilities.

Surrey Schoolboys Trials Club (UK)

Organising specific championships for young riders of all abilities since 1972! Located in the South of England.